Meet the Paragon Team

Who: Carrie Gebb
aka: Boss Lady
Pedigree: Maui Academy of Cosmetology
Experience: 17 Years – Esthetics
Mantra: “I’m into building relationships with clients. Paragon means ‘a model of perfection’ and I strive to achieve this” – Carrie
After Hours: Carrie likes to travel, spend time with her family, and practice yoga.



 Who: Geraldine Neckelmann

aka: Mani-Master

Pedigree: Maui Academy of Cosmetology
Experience: 15 Years – Nail Technician
Mantra: “I get the job done: fast, gentle, and fabulous” – Geraldine
After Hours: Geraldine enjoys spending time with her family and surfing.

Who: Briana Scott
aka: The Waxer Bee
Pedigree: Spa Luna Holistic Esthetics
Experience: 13 Years – Esthetics
Mantra: “Let the transformation begin within, and I’ll help your true beauty shine through” – Bree
After Hours: Bree loves being a new mother and spending time with family and friends at the beach.



Emilee Wallace, Hair Stylist & Colorist at Paragon SalonWho: Emilee Wallace 
aka: The Rockstar
Pedigree: Aveda Institute Minneapolis, MN. Apprenticed at Ships Barber and Beauty in Kodiak Alaska
Experience: 17 Years – Hair Stylist
Mantra: “No great Color is complete without an excellent precision cut and vice versa” – Emilee
After hours:  Emilee loves to cook, spend time with friends, travel and enjoy life.


Who: Sarah Fogel

aka: The Artist

Pedigree: Je Boutique College of Beauty San Diego, California

Experience: 11 Years – Hair Stylist

Mantra: “I have a true passion for helping people accentuate their beauty and providing a great service with lasting results” – Sarah
After Hours: Sarah enjoys being outdoors, going to local shows and spending time with friends.



Who: Ben Holtz 
aka: The Magician
Pedigree: Josefs School of Hair Design Fargo, North Dakota
Experience: 13 years – Hair Stylist
Mantra: “Treat yo self don’t cheat yo self!” -Ben
After hours:  Ben enjoys adventure and dancing.

Who: CJ Forsberg
aka: The Model
Pedigree: James Albert Academy
Experience: 9 years – Esthetics
Mantra: “Healthy skin starts with a healthy lifestyle. Let me educate you on how to get that healthy glow” -CJ
After hours:  Being new to Maui CJ spends her time exploring and learning to surf.




Who: Brandy Anderson 
aka: The Sweetheart  
Pedigree: Spa Luna Holistic Esthetics
Experience: 16 years – Esthetics
Mantra: “I believe in giving a great relaxing and rejuvenating facial to help my clients go out and conquer the world” -Brandy
After hours:  Brandy likes to spend time with her kids surfing and horseback riding.




Who: Marie Tennyson 
aka: Waxing Wizard
Pedigree: Aveda Institute Charlotte, North Carolina
Experience: 6 years – Esthetics
Mantra: “I love to enhance my clients natural beauty leaving them with lasting confidence” -Marie
After hours:  Marie enjoys being outdoors: gardening, chasing waterfalls, and riding horses.



Who: Nicole Isadore 
aka: Blondie
Pedigree: Vidal Sassoon Academy Santa Monica, California
Experience: 18 Years – Hair Stylist
Mantra: “It’s a great day when I can use my creativity to help people feel good about themselves.” – Nicole
After hours:  Nicole loves spending long days at the beach with her daughter and a glass of wine.



Who: Krista Newman
aka: Queen of Paragon
Experience: 2 years – Paragon Salon Office Manager
Mantra: “I work hard to make sure clients have an overall amazing salon experience.” -Krista
After hours:  Krista is really jazzed on reading, writing, and making friends and family laugh.



In loving memory:


Charli Scott