I Love Autumn: Skin Care Guide

  I just love the Fall, don’t you? It’s one of my favorite times of the year. The angle of the sun, the smell of the leaves, and the bite of the the autumn air remind me that winter is coming and to enjoy the crisp weather before the onset of storm season here in Hawai‘i. So, just as […]

Why You Should Get a Facial Now – and Every Month From Now On

Get a Facial at Paragon Salon in Makawao Maui Hawaii

  “You have amazing skin! What’s the secret?” I hear this question every day from countless clients wanting to know how to have and keep their skin looking youthful, smooth and glowing. “Cigarettes and chocolate,” I reply. Kidding! The secret is… there is no secret. Good skin comes from exactly what you would expect it to: […]

The Secret to Preventing Ingrown Hairs

Prevent Ingrown Hairs with a Nylon Glove and Glycolic Body Smoother

We love waxing. Ahhh, the benefits of smooth, stubble-free skin for weeks, no more razor burn, and no time wasted shaving in the shower. Waxing is next level, but occasionally some of us suffer from the dreaded ingrown hair. Now, before I reveal the secrets to avoiding and treating ingrown hairs, let’s talk facts. Ingrown hairs […]