The Secret to Preventing Ingrown Hairs

Prevent Ingrown Hairs with a Nylon Glove and Glycolic Body Smoother

We love waxing. Ahhh, the benefits of smooth, stubble-free skin for weeks, no more razor burn, and no time wasted shaving in the shower. Waxing is next level, but occasionally some of us suffer from the dreaded ingrown hair. Now, before I reveal the secrets to avoiding and treating ingrown hairs, let’s talk facts. Ingrown hairs […]

Balayage vs. Highlights | What is best for my blonde?

Balayage:  French masculine noun – Translation, sweeping. In the hair styling world, balayage is a technique used to apply color to hair in a sweeping motion (yes), but more accurately its a technique in which the stylist essentially hand paints color onto sections of hair that are more randomly placed than traditional highlights using precise […]