I Love Autumn: Fall Hair Repair

To continue our “I Love Autumn” skin and hair care series, this post focuses on hair care. (We’ve got your skin covered for Fall, too! For our skin care tips, visit our skin care guide.)

Follow our 5-step guide to having a healthy hair this winter season.

  1. Cut loose
    Hair loses moisture through damaged ends.  Trimming your tresses helps to oxygenate the hair  – keeping it healthy while encouraging growth.
  2. Refresh your color
    Color helps seal the cuticle and reduce frizziness – while enriching the look of the hair – by adding dimension and glossiness.
  3. Clarify
    The dog days of summer can leave the hair with a lot of hair-dulling salt and mineral build up. Invest in a salon-quality clarifying shampoo to remove build up and help the hair to shine.
  4. Get deep
    Schedule an in-salon deep conditioning treatment or gloss to give the hair a major moisture boost. (Schedule with us, if you like!)
  5. Nourish
    Use a nourishing hair oil on damp hair prior to styling.  Apply to the ends and work up lightly toward the crown. This will lock in much-needed moisture (even through heated styling), and keep your hair soft and manageable.

HAutumn Hair Care by Davinesair care products we love for Fall (pictured here):
Davines Solu – Shampoo for clarifying
Davines Oi – Oil to nourish

Davines NouNou/Pax
– Mask to deep condition at home

Enjoy the changing of the seasons, and feel free to share your favorite fall hair care routines in the comments. Of course, if you’d like to come in for some extra help or a hair care consultation, book an appointment!

Be Fabulous,

~ Carrie

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