10 Tips to looking Hot and keeping your Cool through the Holidays


Halloween is over and I’ve almost finished off my kids candy. Turkeys and hams are filling the grocery and the twinkle lights are going up. Its officially time to prep, primp and prime for the holidays.

Follow these 10 tips for a flawless years end.

1. Get a Facial with a mild peel. Fall/winter season is the perfect time to shed some of those summer beach days that dull the skin. Nothing will brighten your complexion and make you feel rejuvenated like an hour with your esthetician.

2. For goodness sake don’t let your intake of champagne and eggnog supersede your intake if water. Rehydrate and add an occasion Emergen-C.

3. Get a Long Wearing Manicure. Professional nail product companies make polishes that can last up to two weeks. Known as the Power Polishes, these lacquers are cured so you leave the salon with flawless, dry nails – fabulous!

4. This is not the time of year to ignore your excercise routine. Stamina and peace of mind are key to survival. Keep it a priority.

5. Every one loves how their hair looks after a visit to the salon but you don’t need to wait for highlights and a hair cut to enjoy the outcome. Your stylist can give you a Blow-Dry-Style that (with a small amount of care) can last 2 days. Blowouts are perfect when you have back to back events and very little time.

6. Your favorite salon will be bustling for the season so schedule your appointments in advance.

7. One of my favorite beauty tricks is a Lash and Brow Tint and Brow Wax. Every ones needs their brows waxed. Don’t even think the words tweeze or pluck! And even if your brows and lashes are naturally dark, tinting will take them to the next level. Tinting amplifies a bare face and really enhances your makeup application. Bonus!

8. Stress less – Holidays are a special time and a great moment for reflection but they are still just days in your life span so put it in perspective. Most of us have much to be grateful for, so smile and have fun who gives a #%¥ if you just burned the pupu’s.

9. Your never too tipsy to wash your face and slap on some moisturizer, never. You’ll thank me in the morning. Now get some sleep party animal.

10. Make gifting simple – give your besties what you enjoy too. Gift cards for salon services are always popular and your cherished salon products often have limited edition gift boxes that combine products you love at discounted pricing.

Maui Pricing Guide
Facial | $65 – $155
Long Wear Manicure | $40 – $55
Brow Wax | $15 – $30
Brow Tint | $5 -$25
Lash Tint | $25 – $40
Blow Out | $25 – $55

Be Fabulous……
Carrie Gebb
Owner of Paragon Salon
Full time mother of 2
Part time comedian
Sometimes writer
All time beauty expert

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